Creative Writing Contest!


Creative Writing Contest!



Please write a short story for submission!


  • Students in grades K-5 are eligible to participate!
  • The genre is Ghost Story.
  • The story can be any length you choose.
  • The story can be hand-written (as neatly as possible) or typed.
  • Story elements to consider:
    • Begin story by setting the scene in a familiar place/time.
    • May include familiar people so the story sounds realistic.
    • You want the readers to question if the story is actually true or fiction.
    • Use “show-not-tell” to raise readers’ suspicions and keep them on their toes.
    • Use figurative language and sensory images to describe events.
    • Keep story open-ended so readers are begging for more.
    • Do not include blood, guts, or gore in the story. Use inferences to create tension.
    • Readers should be a little frightened, but not scared for life!
    • Give readers a phrase or ritual to repeat to ward off the bad spirits from your tale.
    • Usually told in third-person voice but it can be in first person.


Winners will be selected by Dr. Caraisco.

All entries due by April 22, 2016

Winners will be announced in May 2016.

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Creative Writing Contest

P.S.188Q Creative Writing Contest for



March 2016


Jimmy Qian K-106

Josephine Wong 1-213

Megan Gu 2-217

Serah Han 3-216

Juliana Papadopoulos 4-313

Emma Chi 5-304

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Exciting News!!!!

We are delighted to share that the work of 2 of our students has been selected  as the
District 26 Respect for All contest winners.
The winning selections are as follows:


Winning Poster

26Q188, Aurora Wang, 4th Grade

image1 (509x640)image2 (568x640)

 Winning Essay

26Q188, Rachel Li, 4th Grade

image3 (634x640)



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